Ex-convict arrested for pretending to be money multiplier


Police in Bangwe, Blantyre have arrested a 28-year-old ex-convict for duping people by posing as a money-multiplying witch doctor. 

Limbe Police Station Public Relations Officer Sergeant Aubrey Singanyama identified the ex-convict as Rodrick Kaliwo who was arrested on Tuesday 9 July 2024.

Singanyama said the suspect has been duping people around the Banana area in Bangwe township by posing as a witch doctor with the powers of multiplying money and making them rich. 

On 7th July 2024, the suspect duped a Banana business person with money amounting to Sixty thousand Kwacha by implying that he would multiply it through magic to the sum of nine hundred thousand Kwacha in 2 hours.

However, Kaliwo failed to multiply the said amount and later ordered the victim to fetch soil from a fresh grave in the area, a demand that made the victim realise that he was being duped and he reported the matter to Bangwe Police where officers managed to follow the issue and arrested the suspect.

During the arrest, the suspect was found with a bunch of papers cut in pieces and some black powder which he claimed to be charms believed to have been used as a means to trick unsuspecting victims.

After being quizzed, the suspect confessed that he was not a witch doctor, but rather an ex-convict who resorted to duping people to earn a living.

Rodrick Kaliwo hails from Mukoza village, in the area of Chief Makanjira in Mangochi district and he will appear before court soon to answer a charge of theft by trick.


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