MEC ordered to pay former Director K69m in damages

Malawi Electoral Commission (MEC)

The Industrial Relations Court has ordered the Malawi Electoral Commission (MEC) to pay its former Director of Administration and Human Resources, George Khaki, a total of K69,361,001.16 in damages and unpaid benefits.

The court ruled in favour of Khaki, who was fired in 2017 alongside other top officials, including Chief Elections Officer Willie Kalonga, amidst allegations of financial mismanagement.

According to the judgment delivered by Her Honour E. Bodole the Deputy Chairperson of the Industrial Relations Court in Malawi, Khaki is entitled to damages for unfair labor practices, unpaid salary, gratuity, and pension dues, as well as compensation for the loss of use of a motor vehicle and the inability to purchase the vehicle as per his contract.

The court found that the MEC had engaged in several instances of unfair labour practices, including unilaterally reducing Khaki’s salary, withholding his gratuity and pension dues, and depriving him of the use of a motor vehicle.

Khaki had claimed that he was entitled to general damages for unfair labour practices and damages for breach of contract.

Meanwhile, MEC has been ordered to pay the awarded amount within 10 days of the judgment.

Khaki, had been seeking justice for what he claimed was an unfair termination of his contract.


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