MCP’s social media tactics: Hollow gestures and political fallout


In the digital age, political parties often turn to social media as a battleground for public perception and influence. 

For the Malawi Congress Party (MCP), however, their online presence seems to be more about optics than substance, a trend that has not gone unnoticed by the electorate.

Videos and pictures circulating on social media platforms purportedly showcasing MCP’s achievements and activities appear increasingly disconnected from reality.

Instead of genuine accomplishments, these posts often serve as mere propaganda tools, failing to resonate with a populace disillusioned by broken promises and perceived inefficacies.

Moreover, MCP’s involvement in political violence against opposition groups has further tarnished its image. Rather than fostering constructive dialogue and democratic debate, such actions have only deepened societal divisions and hindered the country’s progress towards unity and stability.

As Malawi approaches the 2025 elections, MCP faces an uphill battle to regain voter confidence. The party’s reliance on outdated strategies and questionable tactics, including alleged electoral malpractices, has alienated a significant portion of the electorate. 

Even attempts to manipulate election outcomes may not salvage their prospects, as public sentiment remains steadfast against such manoeuvres.

Ultimately, it is the voters who hold the power to shape Malawi’s political landscape. The sentiment on the ground suggests a growing disenchantment with MCP’s governance, prompting calls for a leadership overhaul. 

The electorate demands accountability, transparency, and tangible improvements in their daily lives—not empty promises or divisive manoeuvres.

In other words, in light of mounting public dissatisfaction and scepticism, President Chakwera and his cabinet face a crucial decision. 

The prevailing mood indicates a desire for change, with calls for new leadership to steer the nation towards prosperity and unity. The upcoming elections will serve as a pivotal moment for Malawi, where the voice of the people will echo louder than political posturing or external influences.

In conclusion, as the political landscape evolves, the lessons from MCP’s tenure underscore the importance of genuine engagement with the electorate and a commitment to democratic principles. 

The true measure of success lies not in social media campaigns or political manoeuvring but in tangible improvements in the lives of ordinary Malawians.


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