South African sensation Deep London to perform at upcoming UMP Festival

Marie Thom

In a tantalizing turn of events, Chitoliro Productionz, the organizers of the UMP Festival have just announced the exciting addition of Deep London, a rising South African Amapiano sensation, to the already electrifying lineup. 

The event is slated for 25-28 October 2024. Deep London is known for his hit song ‘Hamba Kawe’ where he joined forces with Boohle. 

In a recent interview, Chitoliro Productionz’ spokesperson, Marie Thom, indicated that the organisation’s outreach to international acts is an ongoing process, with more engagements to come.

“To offer our audiences a diverse musical experience, we will be bringing on board renowned artists from other countries, marking the commencement of this effort,” she said. 

Additionally, she mentioned that the 3-day program will extend beyond just music, incorporating activities like dancing, fashion showcases, beach soccer, and the crowning of the Miss UMP title.


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