Sunganimoyo calls Chilima’s family, government not to hide autopsy report

Saulos Klaus Chilima

Social commentator, Isaiah Emmanuel Sunganimoyo, has called on the family of the departed Vice President of the Republic of Malawi, Saulos Chilima and the MCP-led Tonse Alliance government not to hide the autopsy report.

He says there are fears that when the autopsy is hidden, it will give room to more conspiracy theories to circulate on the social media.

Sunganimoyo has reminded the family of the departed Chilima and the Government that they owe the nation questions and answers as many Malawians are waiting anxiously for the autopsy report which was done by Pathologist Steve Kamiza.

He says Malawian hearts are all left in the balance, the nation has been put to a standstill and all eyes are set on the autopsy report by Dr Steve Kamiza for the conspiracy theories to at least rest in eternal peace but without this to happen, people will be speculating whatever they have on the table.

Sunganimoyo says even though the family of Chilima has opted not to make public the autopsy report, some media outlets are claiming to have seen the report that Chilima died due to severe and extensive injuries caused by the massive impact of the plane crash.

He says according to media reports in circulation, the former Veep’s cause of death was massive intrathoracic haemorrhage, severance of ascending aorta, and raptured left and right atria (upper chambers of the heart).

The reports revealed that there was high-velocity blunt force injury to the chest wall, the fractured base of the skull, extensive and bilateral avulsion injury of lower legs muscles, soft tissues and blood vessels and comminute fractures of the arms and legs.

Sunganimoyo says the media people are digging the information from various sources and continuing to keep the autopsy report for months under the carpet will make the citizens lose trust and confidence in the investigative teams established to investigate Chilima’s death.

“There’s no need to keep the autopsy report in secrecy for so long, Malawians are hungry to see it to counter-attack conspiracy theories,” he said.

Sunganimoyo expressed hope that other investigative teams are on the ground encouraging them to share their findings in pieces for the citizens to be enlightened and on the other side tuning in to conspiracy theories while waiting for Chilima’s family and government to do the same.

He says the mysterious death of Saulosi Chilima has made Malawians speechless, the unity which was there has been derailed hence there have been calls for transparent investigations from the Chilima’s family, the UTM, church organizations, Civil Society Organizations (CSOs) and individuals for the truth to prevail.


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