NAM Affiliates Endorse Interim Executive Committee amidst transition

Vitumbiko Gubuduza

The Netball Association of Malawi (NAM) affiliates have unanimously endorsed the interim executive committee to steer the association until the next elective assembly in 2025. This decision was reached during an Extraordinary General Meeting (EGM) held at the Malawi Sun Hotel in Blantyre.

Representatives from NAM’s regional, district, coaches, and umpires committees gathered to either confirm the interim committee or initiate elections for new leadership. The endorsement follows deliberations and consultations among key stakeholders within the association.

The interim committee, led by Vitumbiko Gubuduza as president, was initially appointed during a round table discussion facilitated by the Malawi National Council of Sports with NAM regional and district committee chairpersons at the Kamuzu Institute for Sports in Lilongwe. This followed the resignation of the previously elected executive committee.

In addition to President Gubuduza, the interim committee includes Treasurer Cecilia Mtukule-Bondwe and committee members Tamara Fweta, Fernando Ligola, Justice Katika, and Margret Maluwa. The positions of Vice-President, Vice-General Secretary, and Vice-Treasurer are expected to be filled through elections later today, marking a step towards completing the leadership team.

The decision to endorse the interim committee underscores a commitment to continuity and stability within NAM during this transitional period. It reflects the consensus among affiliates regarding the leadership’s capacity to navigate current challenges and prepare for future endeavours in Malawian netball.

The meeting also emphasized the importance of inclusive governance and transparency as NAM continues to uphold its mandate of promoting and developing netball across Malawi. As the association moves forward under the interim leadership, stakeholders anticipate sustained progress and engagement towards achieving collective goals in the sport.

Stay tuned for updates as NAM proceeds with its transitional agenda and prepares for upcoming elections to finalize its executive team.


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