Kalindo thanks Malawians for their support


Political activist dubbed himself the first President of the poor people in Malawi Bon Kalindo, has thanked Malawians for their prayers and all those that have contributed support to him from his arrest by police to his release in court.

Kalindo has assured all that his frequent arrests by police will not make him stop activism but an extra gear to be prepared to be killed saying he is there in activism because of Malawians and without Malawians, there is no Bon Kalindo.

He said he was arrested in Salima taken to Lilongwe and from Lilongwe, he was taken to Dwangwa at Nkhunga police station thanking the people of Dwangwa for coming to visit him in their large number showing solidarity with their President.

Speaking through the first audio clip after his release from the court, Kalindo claimed that there is no government which survives by intimidating and threatening its citizens or fighting the mouth of its citizens.

Kalindo said when the government starts fighting the mouth of its people including church clerics, that government is about to be finished saying the MCP-led Tonse Alliance government has already shown signs that it is going out of government no matter what.

He said he would have loved it if the police arrested him for another visit in the northern region of Malawi to see the conditions of police cells and prisons claiming that he had been taken to almost all the police cells and prisons in the southern, eastern and central regions.

The activist said during his visit to these prisons and police cells he has learnt a lot that these places are not there for reforms but deathtrap observing that at Dwangwa police station, he spent 5 days without bathing.

“My tour to the country’s prisons and police cells has exposed that the roads are in very pathetic conditions as if there is no government using peoples’ taxes prudently,” said Kalindo.

He has advised police officers arresting suspects including him to work with professionalism reminding them that everything one day will come to an end, power comes to an end and if there will be a change of government, they will dance to the tune of another government.

Kalindo said on Monday, he was taken to Area 12 police station in total silence where he spent a night thanking Kauma Ghetto that after they got the news that their president had arrived from Dwangwa, they came to teach the police that they were in solidarity with their president.


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