Councillor Christopher Jana bounces back as Zomba City Mayor 

Christopher Jana

Councillor Christopher Jana for the Mpira ward has been elected as the new Zomba City Mayor replacing Councilor Davie Maunde.

In his acceptance speech after being elected on Monday, Jana appealed to fellow councillors and the council secretariat to work with him to develop Zomba City.

Jana, who stood unopposed, also pledged to do his part to woo big investors into the city to ensure competitive trade and industry that should also provide job opportunities.

The newly elected City Mayor also assured city residents that he will make sure the construction of Zomba Stadium is complete for football matches after taking too long to finish.

“Let us work together to develop the city and let me appeal to companies to start their operations in Zomba,” he added. 

Jana who is for the Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) becomes mayor for the second time after being elected to the same position from 2017 to 2019 with Maunde as his deputy.

The same full council also elected Councillor Anthony Gonani of DPP as Deputy City Mayor replacing Munira Bakali who deputised Maunde.

Gonani of Masongola Ward has been elected Deputy Mayor for the second time after serving in the same position from 2019 to 2022 when Councillor Benson Bulla was City Mayor.

Zomba City Council, Chief Executive Officer, Arkanjel Bakolo said will work will the newly elected mayor and deputy to develop the city.

He asked the media to portray a good image of Zomba by writing positive stories that could impress potential investors.  

Both Bakali and Maunde did not attend the elective full council meeting.


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