DPP’ Madame Kandeu, Steve Bamusi embrace Zomba City’s new leadership


In a gesture symbolizing unity and forward-thinking governance, Madame Kandeu, Director of Women for the East in the Democratic Progressive Party (DPP), and Steve Bamusi, Director of Youth and councillor for Zomba City, joined hands with the newly elected Mayor, Color Christopher Jana, and Deputy Mayor Anthony Gonani.

The meeting, held against the backdrop of civic optimism, highlighted the DPP’s commitment to collaborative leadership and community-focused governance.

Madame Kandeu, renowned for her advocacy for women’s rights and community empowerment, expressed confidence in Mayor Jana and Deputy Mayor Gonani’s ability to lead Zomba City towards prosperity and inclusivity.

Steve Bamusi, a pivotal figure in youth development and local governance, emphasized the importance of engaging young people in municipal affairs and ensuring their voices are heard in decision-making processes. 

His dual role within the DPP and as a councillor underscores his dedication to bridging generational gaps and promoting progressive policies that benefit all residents of Zomba City.

Mayor Color Christopher Jana, known for his grassroots activism and commitment to public service, outlined his administration’s priorities, including infrastructure development, economic growth initiatives, and social welfare programs. 

Deputy Mayor Anthony Gonani echoed these sentiments, pledging to work closely with community stakeholders to address pressing issues and implement sustainable solutions.

The presence of Madame Kandeu and Steve Bamusi alongside Mayor Jana and Deputy Mayor Gonani exemplifies a unified approach to governance and underscores the DPP’s dedication to effective leadership in Zomba City. 

Their collective endorsement reinforces a shared vision for collaborative development and responsive governance, promising a brighter future for residents.

As Zomba City embarks on a new chapter under the leadership of Mayor Jana and Deputy Mayor Gonani, the alliance formed by DPP leaders Madame Kandeu and Steve Bamusi sets a positive precedent for inclusive governance and community engagement. Their joint commitment to service and shared.