14 armed robbers arrested, police recover stolen property in Lilongwe


Police at Area 3 in Lilongwe have nabbed an additional eight men, bringing the total number of arrested suspected notorious criminals to 14, for committing 12 armed robberies in the district, including attacks on five lodges, and several houses in Areas 43, 12, Chitipi, among others,  where cash and various items all valued at K120 million were stolen.

Lilongwe Police Public Relations Officer Inspector Hastings Chigalu said they have also recovered other things like seven plasma screens, a laptop, a cell phone, and a pistol among others.

Chigaru added that the suspects have been identified as Chisomo Paul, 19, Blessings Banda, 33, Callos Chipeta, 42, Patrick Phade, 40, Kelvin Chirwa, 36, Lajab Chisankho, 41, Alex Mponya, 38, Tobias Sendeza, 44, Alfred Phiri, 53, Silvester Mponya, 49, Gift Singano, 38, Gift Phiri, 38, Masautso Mandala, 40, and Stafford Domingo, 37.

“The criminals while armed with panga knives and other dangerous weapons, invaded lodges and houses where they attacked, hacked security guards, lodge customers, and in other circumstances raped female victims before robbing them of their valuable items and cash”, He explained.

Chigaru revealed that the suspects, who are all ex-convicts,  sold some of the stolen items in Mozambique, but police are yet to go and recover them.
They will be taken to court soon to answer robbery charges.

Chisomo Paul is from Nanjiri Village, Traditional Authority (T/A) Kalolo, Lilongwe, Blessings Banda, is from Mtema Village, T/A Kapeni, Blantyre, Callos Chipeta comes from Mwenengolongo Village, T/A Kilipula, Karonga, Patrick Phade comes from Ndala Village, T/A Njema, Mulanje, Kelvin Chirwa hails from Yankhenjani Village, T/A Mzikubola, Mzimba, Lajab Chisankho hails from Chipoka Village, T/A Mponda, Mangochi, Alex Mponya is from Kambwiri Village, T/A Kaphatenga, Salima,  Silvester Mponya comes from Kalolo Village, T/A Mlolo, Nsanje, Tobias Sendeza comes from Benesi Village, T/A Ganya, Alfred Phiri hails from Maligwe Village, T/A Makwangwala, Gift Singano hails from Namali Village, T/A Ganya, Gift Phiri is from Kasamba Village, T/A Njolomole, Masautso Mandala is from Chikadya Village, T/A Ganya, and Stafford Domingo comes from Kanyimbo Village, T/A Njolomole, all in Ntcheu District.


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