Najere’s New Song ‘Zokhumba za Moyo’ Faces Plagiarism Allegations


Shortly after the release of Najere’s new song ‘Zokhumba za Moyo’ social media users began criticizing alleging that she plagiarized the concept from Zeze’s song ‘Kusangalala’. 

“Creativity zero, you have stolen Zeze’s ‘Kusangalala’ song concept, “Someone commented on Najere’s official Facebook page. 

The heartbreaking news of the plane crash last Monday that claimed 9 lives overshadowed the song’s release, drawing public attention away from the musical debut. 

Najere’s manager, Zegede, has strongly refuted these plagiarism claims, asserting that the individuals making the allegations are “motivated by envy and jealousy”. 

He questioned why this particular track was being targeted, noting that there are several songs out there that seem to match certain concepts. 

“My artists’ songs originate from daily life, rendering those assertions baseless,” he added. 

Even with the plagiarism claims, Najere’s new song ‘Zokhumba za Moyo’ is seeing positive receptions and impressive view counts on digital platforms YouTube being a standout.


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