Chakwera urged to appoint VP who understands and prioritizes the national interest

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The National Advocacy Platform (NAP) has urged the President to appoint a Vice President who understands and prioritizes the national interest and the person should be ready to contribute towards the healing among other characters.

According to a statement released by NAP chairperson Benedicto Kondowe, the person to be appointed should embody the vision and values that Dr Chilima upheld, ensuring continuity and progress for Malawi.

“The incoming Vice President must be able to unify the nation and lead us through this period of collective healing,” he explained.

Benedicto Kondowe
NAP Chairperson, Benedicto Kondowe

Kondowe has urged the President not to bow to political pressure when choosing the vice President.

“The President faces significant pressures, but this decision must transcend political interests. The future of our nation depends on choosing a capable, dedicated leader committed to our collective goals,” said Kondowe.

Kondowe has also called upon all stakeholders to support the President in making a wise and patriotic choice.

Following the death of the late Vice President Saulos Klaus Chilima president Chakwera is expected to appoint a new vice President and he has until tomorrow to make the appointment

Under Sections 84(2) and 88 of the Constitution of Malawi, the President is required to appoint a Vice President within seven days from the date the vacancy arose. This is a pivotal moment for our nation.