Record breaking: Driemo’s Trailer hits 1 million views in one month


Driemo’s ‘Trailer’, which is now an anthem in Malawi, has become the first video in the country to hit two million views on YouTube in just a month.

On 15th January, 2024, Driemo who was born Shaffie Phiri, released his first 2024 banger ‘Trailer’ which has been inspired by the experiences that people go through in their day to day life which makes them to be asking God why they always go through raging waters before their breakthroughs.

The sharply penned heartfelt lyrics accompanied by the singer’s velvety vocals resonate deeply with people’s emotions and ‘Trailer’ emerged a standout that entices listeners to embark on a musical journey in search of healing and responses on the challenges encountered on a daily basis.

“Mwina mwake moyowu ukanayamba ndima trailer/kuti tizitha kuwona momwe ukanayendera/Mukadatipatsako manual yomazembera mikango, njira zopedzera chuma tisamachite kuwona zilango/mukanayika nyali mwina, tisamagwere phwayi mwina, tiziwadziwa adani mwina…” Goes the first verse.

To prove that it has really won hearts, on 27 January, 2024 which marked exactly twelve days after its release, ‘Trailer’ reached one million views on YouTube, beating the record set by Eli Njuchi and Yo Maps’ song ‘Yabaya’ which hit a million views in a space of 3 weeks and 3 days.

If that was not in enough to prove Driemo’s versatility, the hit which was produced by his longtime producers Taktic and Nyanda and the video was directed by Twice P, has earlier this week reached two million views on YouTube, becoming the first Malawian song to reach that height.

When asked what has been the secret behind this achievement, the ‘Popo’ hit maker, told Malawi24 that it has only been God, hardwork and teamwork and he was so quick to thank his fans whom he said have contributed much to his success.

“First things first, it feels really great to achieve what I have achieved so far. It is a sign that we have been working so hard as a team. The secret has been teamwork, dedication, hardworking and Discipline. People should expect great things, more than what they have encountered for the best is yet to come,” reacted Driemo.

Other Driemo’s most watched music videos on YouTube include ‘Pano’ which is currently shinning with 3.3 millions, ‘Compensation’ with 3.2 million views, while ‘Popo’ is currently having 2.8 million views and ‘Mojo’ with 1.9 million views.