Agilitee unveils electric delivery scooter LoadMO

Agilite Africa founder

Africa’s leading electric vehicle manufacturer and green technology company Agilitee, has introduced a new model of its electric three-wheeler scooter which will hit the road early next year.

According to Mandla Lamba who is the company’s founder, the 2024 model which he said is fully electric delivery scooter and is being considered as the company’s most premium three-wheeler to date, has been named ‘Agilitee LoadMO’.

Lamba indicated that LoadMO which is Agilitee’s first-ever three-wheeler, is set to hit the road in the first quarter of 2024 and specification from tech news sources indicates that the vehicle is equipped with 5kw batteries, allowing it to reach a maximum speed of 50 kilometres per hour and cover a range of 200 kilometres per charge.

While describing the vehicle which is currently priced at USD6000, equivalent to R110,000 (over 10 million kwacha) as durable and environmental friendly, the Founder further indicated that LoadMO can load up to 250kg of delivery weight.

“With a loading capacity of up to 250kg and excellent clearance, the LoadMO effortlessly navigates bumpy roads. Priced at R110,000 or $6,000, the vehicle also offers a leasing option for interested customers,” said Lamba.

He said as a company that has been at the forefront of promoting the adoption of electric vehicles in Africa for the past five years, Agilitee believes the future is green and investments in clean and smart technologies are the only way out for a sustainable future.

Agilite Africa
Lamba on the motorbike

He then revealed plans to extend to other African countries including Kenya as its vehicles are already on the road in various provinces of South Africa, including Eastern Cape, Western Cape, KwaZulu-Natal, and Gauteng and the company is now expanding to a fifth province this week.

“In addition to its presence in South Africa, Agilitee is also making strides in Kenya under the leadership of Fred Muteti, Chairman of Agilitee East Africa Limited in Nairobi. The company aims to have its vehicles fully rolled out in all provinces of South Africa by the end of December 2023,” added Lamba.

Agilitee’s efforts have not gone unnoticed, as it was ranked number 203 by Tracxn, an Indian-based company that tracks start-ups and private companies across various technology sectors. Tracxn considers Agilitee to be one of the largest EV makers globally.

The company’s recent transition to a public company in 2022 and its plans for an IPO and capital raising further solidify its position for future global expansion.

Electric vehicles have other advantages over those powered by combustion engines as they need no fuel, they are environment friendly as they do not emit pollutants, lower maintenance due to an efficient electric motor and are considered to have a better performance.


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