Farzam Kamalabadi says Malawi can be transformed in 10 years

Farzim Kamalabadi

Renowned development advisor Farzam Kamalabadi who is in the country says he is convinced that, in a decade, Malawi has the capacity to end poverty through large scale wealth creation and equitable wealth distribution.

Kamalabadi is a president of Future Trends Group, a group of companies, partners projects and platforms spread across the globe in diverse in industrial and sectors.

Speaking with reporters on Thursday in Lilongwe, Kamalabadi said that his group’s core business is growing companies and entities globally, rapidly and exponentially, by launching and managing a mechanism of sound and robust growth inside any corporation, enterprise, or institution that engages well-matured platform and system.

“I and my team hold a series of meetings with president, ministers and other key government officials to create and carry out joint programs for the surprise rise of Malawi’s economy.  We want Malawi to generate loans and gives out to other countries. We want Malawi to become a big entrepreneur. I am one of the development policy specialists behind the modern rise of China,” he explained.

He went on to say that transformative chapter that outline a vision for Africa’s collective, peaceful and prosperous surprise and sudden rise.

He challenged that from discussions and engagements he had with several officials he is convinced that, in a decade, Malawi will be a strong demonstrative model to showcase to the world as the deal sample for Africa’s surprise rise.

He said that with joint efforts by coming up with the programs including domestic action plans and foreign investments as well as Malawi’s internal growth from its own resources especially on digital economy.


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