Mpinganjira constructing multi-billion kwacha cancer centre

Thom Mpinganjira speaking at an FDH Bank event in Blantyre

FDH Bank Founder Thomson Mpinganjira says he is constructing a multi-billion kwacha cancer centre in Blantyre which is expected to receive its first patient next month.

Mpinganjira announced this in Blantyre when FDH Bank was celebrating 15 years of existence

The businessman recounted what he experienced during his late wife Barbara Mpinganjira’s battle with cancer.

According to Mpinganjira, this has pushed him to construct a cancer in Malawi.

“I spent three months in a hotel in South Africa when my late wife was battling cancer, it is not an experience I would want anyone to experience,” said Mpinganjira.

Mpinganjira is one of the richest men in Malawi and his bank is well known for sponsoring various social programs as well as sporting activities.

Currently, Malawi sends cancer patients to hospitals in countries such as India and Tanzania.

The Ministry of Health said in August this year that the country uses over K2 billion every year to send patients abroad for cancer treatment.

In 2017, Malawi Government started constructing the National Caner Center which is yet to be completed


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