Jenda Police seize 20 motorcycles

Motorcyles at Jenda Police Station

Jenda Police yesterday conducted operation ‘Gwira Njinga’’ around Jenda trading centre where they seized 20 motorcycles.

According to the law enforcers, they have noted that there has been an increase in road accidents involving motorcycles despite Jenda police station through Traffic branch and community policing branch sensitising road users on the importance of following road regulations.

Apprehension and seizure have been employed after many attempts in equipping motorists with all the needed information relating to safety and the importance of following regulations on the road.

The motorcycles were seized after owners had violated road rules and regulations such as riding without crash helmet, over-speeding, riding without licences, using unregistered motorcycles, uninsured motorcycles and carrying more than one pillion passenger as regulated by the road traffic Act. 

According to the police, the motorcycles will be given back to owners after they pay fines and show commitment to follow some of the regulations like buying crash helmets, registering such motorcycles and insuring them.

Police have since issued a stern warning that they will continue with these arrests and seizures in order to reduce preventable road accidents which happen due to negligence on the roads.


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