Motorbike operators hold demonstrations

Motorcycle Taxis

Business in the central market of Lilongwe was on stand still on Thursday afternoon following motorbike operators’ demonstration along area 3 road against Road Traffic Officers who are confiscating unregistered motorbikes.

Speaking in an interview with Malawi News Agency (Mana), one of the Motorbike operators, Ganizani Banda said they conducted demonstration as one way of showing their anger and pressurizing the road traffic department to stop confiscating their bikes.

“We are wondering that since Monday, the officials from road traffic have been moving around the town confiscating our bikes. They are also demanding us to have motorbike licenses which is so expensive and many of us cannot manage to get it,” he said.

Banda has since asked road traffic directorate officials to engage them in a peaceful discussion as they have been doing in the past because with the high cost of living it is hard for them to raise over K200,000 for registration of their bikes.

Road Traffic Directorate Public Relations Officer Angelina Makwecha confirmed the development but couldn’t give out more information on the matter.

Reported by Harris Kulemeka, Carolyn Khola and Martha Simchimba