Police officer interdicted following VN connecting Kunkuyu to Wittika’s murder

Malawi Police Officer

The Inspector General (IG) of Malawi Police Merlyn Yolamu has interdicted Susan Kachinga who was arrested last week over a voice note (VN) which implicated Information Minister Moses Kunkuyu in the murder of Coca-Cola Beverage company employee Allan Wittika.

Yolamu has said in an internal police communication dated 31 October that she has interdicted Sub-Inspector Susan Kachinga from duty on full pay over libel, contrary to Section 200 of the penal code.

Kachinga was arrested together with Mercy Chiligo and Chipiliro Kalima. The three were charged with cyberbullying and defamation of character which are crimes under the Electronic Transactions and Cyber-Security Act and Penal Code, respectively.

Wittika was murdered in September in Lilongwe and Police arrested Lester Maganga, a personal assistant to Kunkuyu, over the murder.

Following Maganga’s arrest, an audio circulating on social media claimed that the suspect that Maganga was allegedly sent by his boss to commit the crime.