Crocodile attacks man in Likoma

Malawi Police officer

A 31-year-old man identified as  Jalu Jerebuni is battling for life at St Peter’s Mission Hospital in Likoma after being attacked by a crocodile in Lake Malawi where he had gone to take a bath.

Public Relations Officer (PRO) for Likoma Police, Enala Kalua, said in an interview on Sunday that Jerebuni and his wife on the fateful day went to take a bath in the lake.

“Jerebuni and his wife went to take a bath in the lake on the night of October 27, 2023, at around 21:00 hrs after experiencing heat wave. Upon arrival at the lake, they both got into the waters of Lake Malawi. The wife came out of the waters first, leaving her husband behind,” explained Kalua.

She said as soon as the wife got out the waters, she heard a scream from her husband, shouting for help after being attacked by the beast.

The victim was later rescued by community members who later reported the matter to Likoma Police who took Jerebuni to St Peter’s Mission Hospital for treatment.

The police have since advised members of the community to avoid going to the lake for bathing during night hours to avoid similar accidents.

Reported by Ireen Mseteka