‘Imfa’ has made me K15m in one week, says Dan Lu

Dan Lu is a Malawian Musician with songs such as Part of Life and Sweet Banana

Celebrated musician Dan Lu says he has already made over 15 million Malawi Kwacha from his latest single, ‘Imfa’ which he released a week ago.

The musician who was born Dan Lufani released ‘Imfa’ on October 10, 2023 whose audio has been produced by Steviex and Tricky Beats while the video was done by Athume.

In the song, the ‘Part of Life’ hit maker says he is always discouraged to do some personal developments, such as buying vehicle, owning a mansion or getting married, when he remembers that death is waiting for him.

“Simkhumbila kukhala ndi mansion/simkhumbila motorcar/­simkhumbila kukhala m’banja/mkaganiza za imfa. Chimkazichi azachitenge wina/anawa adzalere wina, Ati kwanga kwatha/imfa sizinthu. Katundu wanga adzagawane/Munda wanga adzakolole/Thukuta lokhetsa ndekha/Ndagwa mphwayi…,” goes first verse of the song.

In an interview with this publication, Dan Lu says the song seeks to encourage people to always live well with others, knowing that one day everyone will be struck by death which he said is unavailable.

He said if everyone could be mindful that despite accumulating a lot of wealth this life will one day come to an end, no person would be living a selfish life, hurting others.

“Because of economic challenges, brutal killings, relationship disagreements because of money, people are becoming helpless, so, I just wanted to encourage them to take it easy for everything shall be left at the end of one’s life,” said Dan Lu.

While describing music as a serious business that has totally transformed his life, Dan Lu said that in one week ‘Imfa’ hit has existed, apart from gaining over 100 thousand views on YouTube, it has also earned him millions of kwachas.

“As we are talking this hit has given me more than 15 million Kwacha now. Music is a serious business, it has transformed my life to another levels,” he added.

Lufani has since promised his fans nothing but good music and revealed that soon his record company will start dropping singles for some signed artists.

However, the song has drawn debate as some people especially on social media, are questioning one scene of the video where the artist lies in a casket symbolizing his death.

While others are applauding the creativity, some people feel this is beyond arts and against Malawian cultural beliefs and moral values.