Chakwera says every citizen is important

Lazarus Chakwera President of Malawi

President Lazarus Chakwera has encouraged Malawians to be confident and not allow anyone look down on them, saying every citizen in the country is important.

Chakwera said this in Mangochi district during the Mangochi diocese golden jubilee celebrations.

“Every citizen is important in this country, let us refuse to be looked down upon and we should not allow anyone look down upon us regardless of our religious or political belonging. This malpractice promotes negativity in the nation,” he said.

The Malawi president also reiterated the need for Malawians to get rid of the mentality that it is someone else’s responsibility to be resourceful for Malawi.

“As Malawians we must use our God given gifts such as natural resources that the country has, towards promoting the nation,” added Chakwera.

On his part, the Bishop for Mangochi diocese Montfort Stima said it is the duty of the church to make more people know God and have morals that reflect a godly behaviour and uplift every individual.

During the celebration, President Lazarus Chakwera gave gifts to the newly ordained priests and those that have clocked 25 years as priests.