High number of grounded ambulances worries Ministry of Health

Ambulances which Malawi Government has procured and handed over to district councils in Malawi

The Ministry of Health says the number of grounded ambulances belonging to the ministry is more than the number of ambulances that are running.

Minister responsible, Khumbize Kandodo Chiponda, expressed the worry when she handed over to district councils 20 brand new ambulances worth over K1.5 billion.

The Minister acknowledged that from the recent assessment the Ministry of Health conducted, there are more ambulances which are not running compared to those that are running due to poor maintenance.

“I urge all of you receiving these ambulances to make sure that the vehicles are well maintained at all times,” said Chiponda, adding that councils should not always wait for the ministry to provide funds for maintenance of ambulances.

The Minister also asked councils to recruit drivers who are competent and responsible.

“An ambulance driver must be well-trained and must have experience,” said Chiponda.

Meanwhile, the funds for the purchase of the 20 brand new ambulances came from the treasury.