MUBAS finales urged to be innovative

attendees during MUBAS finale dinner

Final years students at the Malawi University of Business and Applied Science (MUBAS) have been encouraged to be innovative and think outside the box as they will soon be going into the professional world.

The remarks were made by Ernest Kaonga who was the guest speaker at the 2023 MUBAS Finale dinner which was held last Sunday on 8th October, 2023 at Amaryllis Hotel in the commercial city of Blantyre.

In his speech, Kaonga said he has always held MUBAS in high esteem as the hub of the country’s socio-economic development taking into account the faculties and the disciplines offered.

He said the institution has a variety of professionals capable of driving Malawi to a positive socio-economic development trajectory, the 2063 agenda inclusive and said it is time for them to showcase the acquired skills.

“Very soon you are going into the professional world where the job market is very small. The college has done its part; the other part is for you. Much as each of you has his or her field of specialisation, be reminded that the skills and knowledge you have acquired are multidimensional and multi-sectoral.

“In case you will not be absorbed by your field of specialisation, cast your nets wider, even if it means crossing the professional boundaries. I have seen some people soaring even much higher in fields they didn’t specialise,” said Kaonga.

He continued to say working tirelessly, being driven by ambition and fortitude to bring it to its current enviable status, is so crucial to realization of one’s dreams, and further advised the finales to be creative to succeed.

“When the going gets tough, this is not the time to relent in your search. Rather, it is time to think outside the box with a creative and innovative mind. One of the renowned literary scholars regarded as the giant of African literature, Chinua Achebe said and I quote, “When men learnt how to shoot without missing, birds learnt to fly without perching.”

“Ladies and gentlemen, this attests to the reality that when one door closes another one opens as long as you keep on knocking. What matters is being creative and inovative,” he added.

The in-making engineers, accountants, architects, journalists, educationists, marketers, among others, are set to soon graduate from the university.