DCCMS says onset of rains could delay in some areas

DCCMS Director Lucy Mtilatila speaking during a forum in Lilongwe

Department of Climate Change and Meteorological Services (DCCMS) says there is a possibility of delayed onset of rains by at least two weeks in some areas during the 2023/24 rainfall season.

The Director for Climate Change and Meteorological Services, Dr. Lucy Mtilatila presented the seasonal forecast during the National Climate Outlook Forum (NACOF) 2023/2024 Rainfall Season at Crossroads Hotel in Lilongwe on Mondayy.

According to the 2023/2024 season rainfall forecast by DCCMS, there is high chance that most parts of the country will receive normal to below normal rainfall.

“The seasonal forecast indicates that from October to December 2023, the nation should expect normal total amounts of rainfall over most areas of the country with a possibility of delayed onset of rains by at least two weeks in some areas,” said DCCMS Director Lucy Mtilatila.

For localised climate variability and monthly variations, Mtilatila said her department has produced downscaled districts forecasts and it will be providing continuous information on daily, weekly forecasts as well as warnings regarding extreme weather events throughout the season.

Historically, the main rains commence from November, starting from the south and gradually spreading northwards. Pre-season rains locally known as Chizimalupsya, often precede the main season.

The forum which was held under the theme: “Climate Services for Climate Resilience” brought together stakeholders from various sectors including Ministry of Agriculture, Department of Disaster Management Affairs (DoDMA) EGENCO and other service providers as well as the media.

Principal Land Resources Conservation Officer in Department of Land Resources Conservation in the Ministry of Agriculture Kefasi Kamoyo said farmers should be well prepared for the coming season by practising biodiversity and rain harvest.

Director of Preparedness and Response at DODMA Reverend Moses Owen Chimphepo said the department has come up with strategies that will be useful to prepare for disaster at various levels so that everyone should be aware what to do when a disaster occurs.