Refrain from being used by politicians – govt tells youth

Moses Kunkuyu information minister Malawi

Malawi Government has encouraged youths to be part of solutions to socioeconomic challenges affecting the country and to refrain from being used by politicians.

Malawi Government spokesperson Moses Kunkuyu said this while reacting to an audio clip circulating on the social media purported to be that of activist Redson Munlo.

Munlo who together with Bon Kalindo led anti-government protests last week in Lilongwe, wooed youth, politicians and Malawians at large to always support and be part of their demonstrations.

The activist said doing so will help to put President Lazarus Chakwera at pressure and step down thereafter, a thing which he said is the best solution to social and economic challenges the country is sailing through.

However, Kunkuyu said it is very worrisome that youth in the country should be invited to be part of anti-government demonstrations a development he said may spoil the future generation.

While saying government cannot in any way stop demonstrations as they are a constitutional right, Kunkuyu said it is of paramount that youth should always be part of the solutions to challenges affecting the country.

He gave an example of the provision of loans through the National Economic Empowerment Fund – NEEF to Malawians including the youth which he said expresses government’s commitment to containing various socioeconomic problems affecting Malawians.

“You can agree with me that government has never been silent and will never be silent on issues affecting Malawians. There are several programs that will end the challenges in no time. Youth should always be part of the solutions.

“They need to refrain from being used by politicians because doing so does not only spoil them, but also the future of the country because they hold the future of our nation,” said Kunkuyu.

Kunkuyu further expressed Malawi government’s commitment on continued engagement with various stakeholders in building the country.