Minister impressed with progress of M1 rehabilitation


Minister of Transport and Public Works, Jacob Hara, has said in spite of delays in rehabilitating Kacheche – Chiweta M1 Road strip, he is impressed with the progress that has been registered on the project.

Hara was speaking after touring quarry crushing site for China Hernan International Corporation Group (CHICO) the contractor that is rehabilitating the road from Kacheche to Chiweta.

He said while everyone is worried due to the delays, there is a lot that is involved in road construction before people can actually see the physical progress on the ground.

“There is a lot of equipment that has to be set behind the scenes. Here the contractor is demonstrating that they are ready to start crushing quarry. This is one of the most important plants as long as road construction is concerned. They have demonstrated before us that the machines are working. This is very good progress,” said Hara.

Senior Chief Mwankhunikira of Rumphi who accompanied the minister to the site, said he was pleased with the progress of the project.

He further said that the project has created employment opportunities for people within Rumphi District, thereby reducing poverty levels in the district.

Reported by Manasse Nyirenda