Onetsa love Malawi: Nya-uyu raising funds for prophet Habakkuk


Malawi’s comedian Felistus Ngwira popularly known by her stage name Nya-uyu, has put all jokes aside and embarked on a life changing initiative as she continues raising funds for ‘man of the moment’, prophet Habakkuk.

Last month prophet Habakkuk who was born Stanford Sinyangwe during an interview with Times Television, pleaded with the general public to move him out of house which he was paying K6000 per month as rentals.

Prophet Habakkuk who is the founder of Prophetic Ministries Upon Malawi, said he would love to move out to a house worth K35,000 a month so that he should be able to accommodate his divine relations at some point.

He further asked well wishers to support him with both food and non food stuffs including clothes and kitchen utensils.

In reaction to the request, on 24 June this year, Nya-uyu of ‘Vilekeke Queengdom’ launched a fundraising initiative towards paying rentals for prophet Habakkuk who has off recent stormed social media platforms with fun video and audio clips.

In an interview with this publication, Nya-uyu Ngwira said as her Vilekeke Queendom encourages people to love one another, she was emboldened to do something after hearing prophet Habakkuk’s story.

She argued that Habakkuk deserves a better life and needs to receive his roses while he is breathing, hence the fundraising initiative.

“He (Habakkuk) has been calling out for help and mentioned in most of his voice notes and interviews that he hasn’t been living in a nice house. After my interview with him, I posted his number that whosoever wanted to help him can send money direct to him, however, by public demand I was asked to collect the money on his behalf.

“My message to the public is that lets help this man of God. Most times cpeople like scattering roses after people are gone but when they are alive we don’t really appreciate them but as citizens of Vilekeke Queendom we choose to be different,” she told Malawi24.

The comedian further indicated that she wished to get more funds through the fundraising initiative so that the “Man of God” should start a business which can sustain him.

“If we get enough funds we will set him a business if we don’t we will only pay his rentals as that was what he said he needed. Sustainability is key but we can’t do much, the funds raised isn’t enough,” added Nya-uyu Ngwira.

Meanwhile, Nya-uyu wrote on her facebook page indicating that she has through the initiative managed to raise K242,571 and said she is now in the last week of the fundraising.

She said prophet Habakkuk is now renting a better house worth K40,000 per month but he will for the next three months be paying K25,000 a month because the house is yet to be connected to electricity.

Nya-uyu further explained that the raised amount is only covering six months and she has asked her fans and of course Malawians at large to join the life changing initiative so that the coverage should be extended to one year.

“The Prophet has paid for three months from the funds he got from Mikozi and the money we have collected as Vilekeke Group we will pay for 6 months only. It’s my prayer and wish that we contribute the more and pay his rentals for 1 year plus if we can also buy him a portable rechargeable speaker with mics for his evangelism, mattress and nice warm beddings,” she concluded.