Malawi to spend K320 million on 59th independence celebrations


The Ministerial Committee on Independence Anniversary celebrations says K320 million has been allocated towards the celebrations.

Chairperson of the Ministerial Committee on Independence Anniversary Celebrations, Richard Chimwendo Banda, who is also Minister of Local Government, Unity and Culture said at a press briefing at the Central Office of Information (COI) in Lilongwe on Thursday that government has decided to accord Malawians a befitting commemoration after it failed to do the same in the past two years due to Covid-19 and economic challenges which had locked the country at the time.

The Minister said the celebrations will have two major public events to start with a National Day of Prayer on July 5 at the Bingu International Convention Centre (BICC).

He said the climax of the event will be on July 6 at Bingu National Stadium (BNS) in Lilongwe where a number of activities will take place including a football match between FCB Nyasa Bullets and Yanga of Tanzania.

“We are celebrating under a theme ‘Celebrating Renewed Unity and Patriotism’ where we are focusing on uniting Malawians in order to build and develop our country together as a people, regardless of where we come from,” said Chimwendo Banda.

Minister of Homeland Security, Ken Zikhale Ng’oma, who is also a member of the Ministerial Committee, assured the nation of maximum security during the commemorations.

Reported by Susan Hara