Chmba: The Rising Malawian Artist-Producer-DJ Sensation Blending Afro Sounds, Future Beats, and Electronic Grooves, Signed to Platoon

Chmba is a Malawian Artist Producer

Get ready to be captivated by the electrifying beats and infectious talent of Chmba, the rising Malawian producer-DJ sensation taking the music world by storm. With her latest EP, “Okongola Caucus,” Chmba explores various facets of love, delving into themes of romance, parental bonds, desire, distance, freedom, and barriers. Each track within the EP offers a unique perspective, with “Okongola” immersing listeners in the depths of desire, “Patali” serving as a heartfelt plea to break down personal boundaries, “Nitemwe” acting as a poignant reminder of a parent’s eternal love, “Dzuwa” becoming a heartfelt confession of deep affection, and “Gusta” radiating flirtatious joy found in romantic connections. This EP expertly fuses Afro-centric sounds and genres with electronic and house elements, resulting in a mesmerizing new form of sonic beauty.

Chmba (real name Ellen Chilemba) is a rising star in the music industry, and her talent and music are set to reach even greater audiences around the world. With her signing to Platoon, a global music company that specializes in helping independent artists break through, Chmba is poised to become a household name.

Chmba’s accomplishments speak volumes. She has been featured in Forbes’ Africa 30 Under 30, and she has received recognition from the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation Goalkeeper. She has also shared the stage with legendary artists like Angelique Kidjo.

Chmba’s music is a celebration of Malawian culture and identity. She fuses traditional African sounds with electronic and house elements, creating a unique and genre-bending sound that is sure to appeal to a wide audience.

Don’t miss your chance to experience the unparalleled talent and infectious beats of Chmba, the rising Malawian sensation. Join her on her musical journey as she moves and grooves her way into the hearts of music lovers everywhere.