Pacific Group rehabilitates 7000 boreholes in 90 constituencies


In trying to alleviate water challenges in Malawi, Pacific Limited company has for free of charge rehabilitated 7000 boreholes in over 90 constituencies across the country.

This comes as in 2015, the company launched a free borehole rehabilitation project which is aimed at complementing government’s efforts in providing safe and clean water to Malawians.

Under the project, Pacific Limited is working with Members of Parliament whose duty is just to identify non-functioning boreholes in their respective constituencies where a team of engineers is deployed to carry out the rehabilitation works.

In an interview with Malawi24, Abdul Majid who is Pacific Limited vice team leader said since the inception of the project in 2015, the company has as of this week fixed over 7000 boreholes in 90plus constituencies.

Majid said out of the 7000 rehabilitated boreholes, the company has spent 275 million kwacha.

He said currently the borehole rehabilitation project team is in Machinga Likwenu constituency where it is expected to repair over 60 boreholes this month.

“We are currently in Machinga Likwenu constituency where we have so far repaired 24 boreholes out of the expected 60 boreholes. Before we came here we were in several areas where people were struggling to have safe and clean water.

“So, as a company we are very much satisfied with the impact of the project because water is life and the main objective of the project is to see communities having easy access to safe and clean water,” said Majid.

On his part, group village headman Kamwendo of Machinga district thanked Pacific Limited for the borehole rehabilitation project in his area.

Group village headman Kamwendo further said the development is likely to reduce the spread of waterborne diseases like cholera in the area and said women are now relieved as they are no longer walking long distance in searching for water.

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