Parliamentary Committee worried over medicine wastage


The Parliamentary Committee on Health says health centres in the country usually order huge stocks of drugs without considering their demand in the facilities which is leading to medicine wastage in public health facilities.

Chairperson of the committee, Dr. Matthews Ngwale said this in Balaka on Wednesday during the committee’s tour of Kwitanda health centre.

Ngwale said drug wastage creates unnecessary pressure on the already struggling health system.

”We have discovered that most health centres just press drug orders from the district hospitals anyhow, without looking at the need that is there in their facilities,” said Ngwale.

He has since asked health facilities in the country to thoroughly scrutinize their drug orders before placing the order inorder to avert the problem.

According to Ngwale, the committee is touring health centres in the country to appreciate some of the problems which the facilities are facing in their day to day operations.

The Committee has so far toured Balaka and Kasungu districts.

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