Chakwera launches the OGP action plan for Malawi


President Lazarus Chakwera on Tuesday launched the National Action Plan for Open Government Partnership (OGP) for Malawi at Bingu International Convention Centre (BICC) in Lilongwe.

The OGP is a multilateral initiative with 75 member countries that aims at ensuring strong commitments by governments to promote transparency, empower the citizenry, fight corruption and harness new technologies in order to strengthen governance and make the government open and more accountable.

Malawi has joined the OGP after being dormant prior to the current administration.

Chakwera said the National Action Plan (NAP) is a direct result of months of work that the Office of the President and Cabinet (OPC) has been doing to advance the reforms agenda.

“If I had not been pursuing the reforms, we would not be here today launching the National Action Plan for reactivating Malawi’s membership to the Open Government Partnership,” he said, pointing out some of the strides his administration has made towards the implementation of the reforms.

The Malawi leader directed the Secretary to the President and Cabinet, Colleen Zamba in July 2022, to pursue the NAP during the Anti-Corruption conference which, after some months, was duly submitted to the global OGP secretariat resulting in reactivation of Malawi’s membership.

The National Action Plan will be a model for implementing reforms that enhance governance, transparency and accountability earning Malawi the trust of global partners, civil society, non-state actors and other stakeholders.

The NAP has four thematic areas namely; Anti-Corruption, Access to Information, Digital Governance and Open Parliament and Natural Resources.

Reported by Susan Hara

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