Child dies after traffic police delays driver


A child has died in Mzimba after a vehicle which was carrying the child to hospital was delayed by traffic police officers who demanded money from the driver.

Zodiak reports that the officers set up a roadblock on the Mzimba Manyamula-Euthini earth road today.

The vehicle which was carrying the child was stopped at the roadblock and officers demanded K10 000 fine before the driver could proceed to the hospital.

It was not immediately clear what the fine was for but eyewitnesses told Zodiak that the officers were informed that the vehicle was carrying a sick child.

“The child was bleeding from the nose and needed urgent treatment at Mzimba district hospital,” Zodiak reported.

The child eventually died following the delay.

Mzimba police spokesperson Peter Botha has confirmed the incident to the local media.

Botha has, however, claimed that the driver of the vehicle did not alert the traffic police officers that the vehicle was carrying a “very sick child”.

The roads of Malawi are usually littered with roadblocks and motorists allege that these are used by officers to make money.

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