Russia offers to pump in 20 million USD for nuclear energy in Malawi


The Russian Government says it is willing to help Malawi invest in nuclear energy for the provision of a reliable source of energy that can help the country develop into a middle- income country.

This was said on Wednesday during a meeting which Minister of Homeland Security Kenneth Zikhale Ng’oma had with the State Secretary – Deputy Minister of Internal Affairs for the Russian Federation Igor N. Zubov on the sidelines of the 11th International Meeting of the High- ranking Officials Responsible for Security Matters which is taking place in Moscow-Russia.

During the interaction, Ng’oma among others highlighted that Malawi is rich in minerals which the Russian government can be interested to invest.

Ng’oma added that this can be done through a mutual agreement which can enable both nations to benefit.

“We have minerals, but due to our capacity we are failing to do the mining ourselves which makes international mining companies to be getting the minerals without benefiting the country, ” Ng’oma said.

On his part, State Secretary -Deputy Minister of Internal Affairs of the Russian Federation Igor N. Zubov said that Malawi has the potential to develop if it can move away from hydro- electric power to nuclear energy.

Zubov added that nuclear energy can enable the country to generate sufficient energy which can even be sold to the neighbouring countries which gradually can enable the country to stabilise its economy.

Zubov pledged that the Russian government can pump in about 20 million US dollars for the country to have a nuclear power plant.

“With a population of over 19 million people, Malawi has a potential market for nuclear energy as such we can assist to do the project,” he said.

Zubov has since urged Malawi to work closely with Zimbabwe on a number of issues considering that at the moment the Russian government does not have an embassy in Malawi.

If Malawi can have a nuclear power plant, it will be the third African country to use nuclear energy apart from South Africa and Egypt.

Meanwhile, Ng’oma has asked the international community at the 11th international summit on security matters to help Malawi with fertilizer for people that were affected by Tropical Cyclone Freddy in the southern region. He also talked about the need for helicopters to help in search and rescue during disasters.

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