Awilo Longomba angers Malawians


Malawians on social media are demanding Congolese musician Awilo Longomba to pay back money to Malawian concert organizers following his no-show for a scheduled concert in Malawi.

Awilo was set to perform in Malawi today alongside local musician Lawi in a dinner and dance concert organized by Umodzi Park.

However, reports emerged yesterday that the Congolese musician had not travelled to Malawi and was instead in Nigeria for another show. This comes months after Awilo also failed to show up for another show organized by the same Umodzi Park.

In a video posted on Patience Namadingo’s Facebook Page, Lawi confirmed that Awilo was not coming to Malawi.

He said that they have sent about K15 million in air tickets and appearance fees for Awilo to come to Malawi. He added that the budget for the show is nearing K40 million.

“I am disappointed,” said Lawi. “It is not just about the money but also relationships and brands that have come together to make the show a success. For these guys to disown us after all that hard work is a great disappointment.”

He further said Awilo’s team was yet to provide an explanation for the no-show and had stopped answering his calls.

The revelations have angered Malawians who have stormed Awilo’s Facebook page demanding the Congolese musician to pay back the money he obtained.

“Pay back the money from Malawian artist you have taken,” said one person commenting on Awilo’s post.

Another person wrote: “How can we have one Africa when you don’t show up for a show you are paid for in Malawi.”

Another comment says: “It’s such a shame to see a man like you taking from Malawians their hard earned money.”

In a post on Facebook, musician Lucius Banda who also organizes international shows said Awilo also did the same to his team and they had to send people in the United Kingdom to force him to board a plane.

“Anakana kukakwera ndege koma poti we come from street, tidamutumizira adzukulu ku UK konko adakaikwera ndege asakufuna, adabwera (He was refusing to travel to Malawi after we had paid him but we sent people and he was forced to come). Koma Na dollayo nde Abweza afune asafune (As for the money he took from Lawi, he will be forced to refund),” wrote Banda

Meanwhile, Patience Namadingo has said he will perform alongside Lawi today at the show in Lilongwe where the two will also release a new song.

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