ESCOM neglects dangerous electricity pole in Mzuzu


A Councillor in Mzuzu says Electricity Supply Corporation of Malawi (ESCOM) has been neglecting an electricity pole which has been in a leaning position for three weeks and is posing danger to residents at Chibavi in Mzuzu.

From a video posted on social media by Councillor for Chibavi East Edward Kashololo Simwaka, it appears the pole was about to fall but got held in a leaning position by an ESCOM insulated wire connecting power from another pole to a house.

Simwaka said they reported the matter to ESCOM during the first week and have also gone to ESCOM offices on several occasions to remind the company about the issue but officers from the electricity supply have not shown urgency to fix the pole.

“The pole poses danger because children play around this area and there is danger that the house near the pole could catch fire,” said Simwaka.

He then warned that ESCOM would be held responsible if the pole causes injury or death to any person.

Simwaka added that if the house near the pole catches fire due to the pole, ESCOM will be demanded to pay for all damaged property.

According to Simwaka, property in the house include six TV sets, a maize mill, fridges and cookers.

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