Matola encourages Muslims to give more during Ramadan


As Muslims in the country continue to observe the holy month of Ramadan, Malawi’s Minister of Energy Ibrahim Matola has encouraged members of the religion to give more support to the underprivileged.

Matola made the call on Sunday 16th April, 2023 when he donated 250 bags containing assorted items to Muslim women group under the banner ‘Mgwirizano’ at Ndirande Maplot mosque in the commercial city of Blantyre.

Matola said Islam teaches them that Eid celebrations are not about wearing new clothes but rather the time of reflecting on what they have done during the holy month of Ramadan hence his call for Muslims to giving more.

The minister further said the time to give and support the less privileged is as the Quran states that time is coming when everyone will be self-sufficient and that the privileged will find no one to support and give to.

“Allah subhanahu wa ta’ala says the hand which gives is more rewarded than the one which receives. But also for those who are privileged, our prophet tells us that time will come when we will look for needy people and you will never find because everybody will be self-sufficient.

“So, this is the time when we have to encourage those who are privileged to look after the underprivileged. Today in our communities we lock ourselves in houses, we don’t want to share, hence the enmity, theft hatred because we are not taking care of the underprivileged, “said Matola.

He further added that apart from solving social challenges, giving especially during the month of Ramadan, doubles one’s worldly blessings before Allah subhanahu wa ta’ala’s reward after this life.

The Energy Minister further encouraged Muslims to always include their children when making supplications so that Muslim children should never depart from the Islamic teachings.

On her part, secretary for the grouping Mariam Jiya thanked Minister Matola and described the donation as so timely.

She said amongst the beneficiaries, some women had no iftar in their respective households which is the fast-breaking evening meal of Muslims during the holy month of Ramadan at the time of adhan (call to prayer).

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