Malawi Parliament passes MDF Bill


Members of Parliament have passed the Malawi Defence Force (MDF) bill which provides for composition of the defence force as comprising the army, the maritime force, the air force and the national service, with the national service serving as a reserve force.

The bill repeals the Defence Force Act (Cap 12:01) and replaces it with new legislation that reflects the changes in the functional operations and administration of the Defence Force over the years.

Speaking with reporters, Minister of Defence Harry Mkandawire said the bill also provides for establishment, composition, functions and conduct of business of the Defence Council which is mandated to formulate and monitor the implementation of the national defence policy and also oversee the deployment and operations of the defence force in accordance with the Constitution and the proposed legislation.

He added the bill provides the functions of the Defence and Security Committee of the National Assembly which include overseeing the functioning of the Defence Force.

He explained that the bill also touches on implementation of policies, legislation, decisions and budgets of the defence force and considering international and regional treaties and arrangements relating to the Defence Force.

United Democratic Front (UDF) representative Esther Jolobola said as a party after going through the bill they supported the bill because it is benefitting the country in many ways.

Jolobola said that for instance, the bill will create an environment where the country’s youths will be impacted with new skills.

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