Govt asked to reconstruct bridges washed away by Cyclone Freddy in Blantyre


Member of Parliament for Blantyre Rural East Susan Ndalama has appealed to the Government through the Ministry of Transport to urgently reconstruct and rehabilitate some of the bridges in her constituency which were washed away by Cyclone Freddy.

Speaking in Parliament, Ndalama said some bridges in her Constituency have been washed away by Cyclone Freddy and it is very difficult for the people to pass on the said bridges. Therefore, she called for Government’s intervention as soon as possible to fix the damaged bridges.

“One of the bridges is Khumbe Bridge which is used by students who to go to Khumbe CDSS and Khumbe Primary School but they can’t go to school this time because of the bridge. So this bridge is very important and we need the Government to maintain it as soon as possible.

“We also have Chilaweni bridge. This is also important because there is a hospital called Ameka where many people from different places get assisted from there. There is also a martenity wing in my constituency that’s the only martenity which people go but this time it’s difficult for them to go because of that big bridge,” said Ndalama.

According to Ndalama, Lirangwe brigde was also washed and the people from Ngongomwa have no hospital as they use Makata Hospital but due to the damage of the bridge they can’t go to Makata Hospital.

Member of Parliament for Mangochi South West Shadrick Namalomba also appealed to the Government to rehabilitate Mangochi-Chilipa to Balaka road which is in very bad shape and right now is impassable.

Namalomba further noted that it’s very difficult for the people around Balaka and Mangochi to pass through this road and right now they are failing to bring a 30 ton truck of relief maize to Mangochi South West because of the road.

Responding to the concerns of the MPs, Minister of Transport, Jacob Hara acknowledged that most of the roads and bridges have been affected by the Cyclone Freddy and his ministry is planning to reconstruct all affected bridges and also the roads.

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