UNIMA, Catholic University to compete in K5 million moot court competition


DNC Chambers has launched K5. million worthy lnter University Moot Court Competition to be competed among law students of University of Malawi (UNIMA) and Catholic University (CU)

Speaking at the launch of moot court competition at Amaryllis Hotel in Blantyre, one of organisers of the competition, Counnsel Chisomo Nyemba, said this is the first time for DNC Chambers to organise the moot court competition for the law students.

Counsel Nyemba added that the competition will help to prepare law students with legal practices before completing their law studies.

She appealed to law students at University of Malawi and Malawi Catholic University to make use of the moot court competition as an advantage to advance their ambitions to practice law.

“The DNC Chambers would like to see law students from University of Malawi and Malawi Catholic University to know how things are done in legal practice,” added Counsel Nyemba.

Professor Luwis Bande of the University of Malawi said the moot court competition will provide good foundation for the upcoming legal practitioners to practice law.

One of the law students at University of Malawi, Frank Limula hailed organisers of the competition for providing a good learning and practicing platform for the law students.

The moot court competition will run for three weeks and is sponsored by DNC Chambers.

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