UNILIA Students tipped on consumer rights


By Naomi Langisi

Competition and Fair Trading Commission (CFTC) has tipped University of Livingstonia (UNILIA) campus students on the rights and obligations that they have as consumers.

Speaking during a lecture at the university, CFTC executive director Vincent Nkhoma said they want the message to reach across the whole Malawi.

“Most of the complaints which we are receiving are from semi-urban areas but as of now even rural people are managing to send their complaints to our office,” he said.

Nkhoma also said they are working to come up with fines that will be used against those who are violating the rights of consumers.

Speaking in separate interview, UNILIA principal Reverend Vasaline mwale said the law lecture has helped the students in their academic.

“This is very important to the community as well as students because now they are able to know their rights as consumers,” he said.

UNILIA students union president Ellen Mkwezalamba welcomed the development saying it will give students an opportunity to enjoy their rights and to be the good citizens.

“Students will be doing right things by monitoring, controlling and prevention acts which violates the competition and fair trading in Malawi,” she said.

CFTC was established under the competition and fair trading act of the laws of Malawi.

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