MP says K2.3 billion is not enough for Ministry of Sports


Member of Parliament for Lilongwe South East, Baba Steven Malondera, has asked for an increment of budgetary allocation to Ministry of Youth and Sports to cater for various sporting activities, saying K2.3 billion is not enough for the ministry.

Malondera said this on Thursday in Parliament when he was commenting on the budget.

According to Malondera, money being given to the Malawi National Council of Sports is just too little and that is why the country is not doing very well in all sporting activities.

“When you go through the budget document you will realise that Malawi National Council of Sports has been allocated K2.3 billion but when looking at all sporting activities be it netball, swimming, volleyball, tennis, basketball all these sporting activities are in here.

“So my argument is if we are to progress as a nation we need to grow and this growth can only be done if we are factoring in a lot of things in our budget and in this case K2.3 billion is not enough for all sporting activities so Malawi National Council of Sports deserves an increase,” said Malondera.

Malondera also noted that National Youth Council of Malawi has been allocated K382 million which he said is a small amount because in this country there are so many young people.

Malondera then proposed that there is need for Government to allocate more resources to the council without increasing the national budget.

“If you look at Malawi Posts Corporation, it has been given K3 billion so my argument is we have seen Malawi Post Corporation doing literally nothing over the years why do we give them that money?

“By this time they were supposed to be making money for them to run efficiently. So my argument was can we take 1 billion from Malawi Posts Corporation, give it to National Council of Sports or to the budget of National Youth Council of Malawi because by doing this it will develop our sporting activities,” said Malondera.

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