Chakwera deserves that US$1 million: Ngakhale pamaliro amadyatu*


Us, from Malawi Congress Party (MCP), see no problem with allocating K1.1 billion (over US$1 million) for state house gardening. State house garden is very important. It attracts donors, Indians and chiefs from Nigeria. We can’t allow kapinga wa bwana azinyetchera, no country can allow such precious kapinga uncared for. We have cyclones, yes, but the garden is very important.

You see, you can’t be quantifying everything. I know K1.1 billion in five years Malawi President Lazarus Chakwera’s gardens have taken over K5.5 billion, almost an amount APM built MERA Complex in Lilongwe. Everyone is unique, APM chose to invest 5 billion in Complex, we, MCP have chosen to invest K5.5 billion in kapinga.

The fact that we had cyclones, victims need money to rebuild their lives, no drugs in the hospitals, our roads are in bad shapes among others does not stop us from running state of art gardening system for state house.

Ngakhale pamaliro amadyatu.