Karonga on alert against Marburg Virus


Karonga District Council director of health and social services David Sibale says they have formally started screening travelers at the border post for any possible signs of the disease.

Speaking to Malawi News Agency (MANA), Sibale said his office will make sure travelers from Tanzania are isolated and checked for any Marburg Virus signs adding.

He also advised people in the district to observe prevention measures against the new disease Marburg Virus which has been detected in Kagera Region, Tanzania.

According to Sibale, the measures will help to prevent the spread of the virus, as the district is at risk due to its closeness to Tanzania and cross border trade among other social factors.

“People should always wash their hands frequently, avoid physical contact with Marburg Virus suspected patients, avoid touching body fluids with bare hands and must wear gloves when taking care of the affected person,” Sibale said.

A resident of Karonga, King Mbughi, said health authorities should create community awareness of the disease for easy prevention.

 “Health personnel should conduct mass awareness meetings on this new disease so that we protect ourselves from the virus,” Mbughi said.

Health expert George Jobe commended Ministry of Health for coming in quickly to alert the general public about the disease through a public press release.

Five cases of the Marburg Virus have been registered in Tanzania so far.

Reported by Ellah Chirwa and Tawonga Chisale