Two thieves die in tunnel in Zomba


Two people have been found dead at Changalume Barracks in Zomba after a tunnel collapsed as they were stealing metal bars at abandoned Changalume Cement Company premises.

Zomba Police Publicist Sergeant Aaron Chilala identified the two as Timothy Losani aged 31 and Yassin Maliro aged 33 who were found on Monday

Chilala said that on March 9, 2023, Losani and Maliro left home during morning hours with the intention to steal metal bars at the old Changalume Cement Company tunnels.

“Their spouses who knew the move became suspicious after two days elapsed without the two coming back,” he explained.

He said that this prompted the wives to report the matter to village head Chisitu, who later reported to Changalume Barracks and Chingale Police Post.

He went on to say officers from Chingale Police Post and Changalume Barracks together with community members visited the scene and found clothes of the two at the entrance of the tunnel as it is their culture to remove clothes when entering into the tunnels.

The bodies of the two were found lifeless inside the tunnel and they were taken to Zomba Central hospital.

The postmortem conducted showed that they died due to suffocation.

Losani hailed from Malire village while Maliro was from Chisitu village, all in Traditional Authority Mlumbe in Zomba district.

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