Prophet Mbewe encourages flood survivors not to lose hope


Prophet David Mbewe, who says he will on Thursday fly to Nsanje to donate some relief items, has encouraged flood victims not to lose hope having lost relatives and property saying God will see them through.

Mbewe who is the founder of Living Word Evangelistic Church, made these remarks on Tuesday evening after visiting Manja Primary School in Blantyre where he cheered flood survivors who are camping at the institution.

Prophet Mbewe said his visit to the camp was aimed at assessing the situation and he made mention that he will on Wednesday 15th March make donations at Manja and other camps before flying to Nsanje district on Thursday where he will donate some relief items.

“The situation is very touching. I also went to Machinjiri where I have seen how houses have been destroyed. We have just started and tomorrow I will come again to support these people.

“I am also planning to visit Nsanje which has also been hit by the floods but with the current condition of our roads, I am planning to go there by jet. There too, we will donate some relief items to people who have been affected by the floods induced by cyclone Freddy,” said prophet Mbewe.

He also urged the general public to stop discussing issues of public infrastructure now saying flood victims are still grieved and terrified.

He said the bad experiences of the devastation are still fresh and said it is uncalled for to be discussing such issues when some hearts are still heavy as others have lost their relatives and property.

“I think for now its too early because people are mourning, they are worried. If we talk about that, its like we are mocking them on an issue which we needed to comfort them. Let’s comfort them first, we will talk about those issues later,” he added.

Prophet Mbewe has also committed to donate some shoes which some victims at the site asked him which they said will help them to be protected from contracting some infections.

Currently, Manja Primary School is accommodating over 3500 people who have been hit by floods which are a result of torrential rains that started on Friday last week induced by Cyclone Freddy.

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