Cyclone Freddy wipes out entire village in Chiradzulu


The place where the village was

All houses at Mtauchira area under Traditional Authority Likoswe in Chiradzulu district have been destroyed following floods caused by Cyclone Freddy.

Seven people have died while 40 people have been injured due to the

Relief and Rehabilitation officer Charity Machika said a landslide from Chambe mountain affected the area.

“We can’t tell how many people are missing as the search continues. All those injured have been taken to either Nguludi Mission Hospital or Queen Elizabeth Central Hospital,” said Machika.

She added that authorities are not sure of the number of people that inhabited the affected land.

She further said that another landslide which has occured within Chiradzulu mountain has blocked access to the Chiradzulu Boma and that is why injured persons are not being taken to the district hospital.

In Chiradzulu, 10 people have died while 44 have been injured due to the impact of Cyclone Freddy.

Two camps have been set up at Nguludi Girls Primary and Montfort Primary schools for people affected by the disaster.

Across the Southern Region of Malawi, 190 people have died while over 5000 have been displaced.

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