Women Lawyers Association partners Clooney Foundation for Justice


Women Lawyers Association ( WLA) has announced that it will host a fellow from Clooney Foundation for Justice’s Waging Justice for Women Fellowship Program to advance rights of women.

Clooney Foundation for Justice was established by renowned human rights lawyer Amal and her husband, the famous actor George Clooney.

Under the Waging Justice for Women Fellowship Program, one out of 10 fellows will be hosted on a full time basis by the Women Lawyers Association of Malawi from July 2023 to July 2024.

Women Lawyers Association president Chisomo Nyemba said in a statement that the fellow will be responsible for litigation and advocacy related to women and girls rights, read the communication.

The communication further states that the fellow will also be provided with mentorship, training and access to leading lawyers, judges, activists and academics from around the world.

According WLA communication, the fellowship will be fully funded by the Clooney Foundation for Justice as the fellow will be expected to receive renumeration.

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