Cyclone Freddy: 66 people die in Malawi


Cyclone Freddy which landed in Malawi yesterday has caused 66 deaths in the Southern Region of Malawi.

According to Malawi Red Cross, over 16 people are missing and more than 2115 have been affected by the devastating effects of the cyclone

Blantyre, the country’s commercial city, has been heavily affected and Police say they have recovered 63 bodies in the city.

“The figures will keep changing as we are still searching for the bodies,” said Southern region police spokesperson Beatrice Mikuwa

The most affected area in the city is Chilobwe Township where chiefs say 40 people have been killed and may more have been injured.

Chilobwe is near Soche Hill and residents say floodwater from the hill flowed down to the area, causing the devastation.

Other affected areas in Blantyre include Ndirande, Manase, Chileka, Machinjiri, Chigumula, Soche and Bangwe.

The Cyclone has also hit Nsanje, Thyolo, Mulanje and Phalombe districts, destroying houses and leaving residents homeless.

Meanwhile, Minister of Water and Sanitation Abida Mia has visited Chilobwe to check the damage.

Malawi Red Cross and Malawi Defence Force are some of the institutions conducting search and rescue, first aid and hospital evacuation in the affected areas.

Heavy rains are expected to continue to fall in the coming days as Cyclone Freddy is still spinning over the Southern Region.


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